Tips for House Training Your Boxer

Boxer dogs are pretty stubborn by nature and require a lot of effort to train obedience. This makes any owner anxious as to how tough the House training for a Boxer can get. The good news is that housebreaking for a Boxer pup is not much difficult as apprehended and with a few trials you will be able to make your pup listen to your commands and obey them.
Getting Started:
House training your Boxer involves getting to know the first step. This will initiate with letting your pet know who the boss is- your credibility as the household’s master needs to be established. A common reason for dogs displaying negative attitude during the training by not listening to their masters is because owners do not take the effort to show that they are the final authority in the house. It is your responsibility to ensure your pup learns to behave himself else find himself in trouble for his misbehaviour.
At times House training a pup becomes difficult because of the fact that people tend to cuddle and play with puppies instead of trying to train them. However, you must avoid such situation. You should be able to separate the play timing and the time for training. Even when he is just a puppy you will have to start reprimanding him if he is doing wrong.
In order to get maximum result from your dog’s House training you will need to remember three important tips. These tips will ensure that you get the desired feedback from your pet dog and that remains obedient to you.
Be Patient and Reward When Necessary:
You must not forget that your dog is not a machine and there may be some mistakes but scolding will not solve the matter for you. On the contrary if you have not seen him in the accident you might as well take him outside to finish off (if it is incomplete). Also, remember to wait for your pup to turn 7-8 weeks before starting with the House training and other necessary things for him to learn.
Rewarding your pup when he follows your order or listens to your instructions will give him a positive approach towards the training. You can either praise him with words or treats or even clickers. Whatever you do, ensure that your bonding with your puppy grows with time

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